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70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift


5000Pa Ultra Strong Suction-Say goodbye to food residue,dust, hair and even dust mite inside your car
4000mAh + 24min Long Runtime-Battery power that sufficient to clean entire car in one time
HEPA Filter+ Unique Ventilation Structure-Clean and purifies air in car at the same time
Multiple Nozzle Set +  65dB Quiet Clean-Suitable for variety cleaning purpose and provide quiet cleaning experience
Cordless  + Bottle Size Design-Cordless and Light which make your cleaning process more convenient

*Please clean HEPA FILTER  with brush or tissue *
*Kindly replace the filter at least once for a 3 months for the best performance*

Dear Customers: Please note that this item is Official Global Version 70mai Dash Camera , the APP and upgrade programs will work normally outside China mainland, while the China version can only work in China.