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Introducing the all new International Version of Yi Home Camera 2 in Malaysia brought in by Malaysia’s 1st Yi Official Distributor .

  • 1080P FHD Smart WiFi IP Camera
  • 130° wide-angle lens
  • 1080p HD Smart Video Technology
  •  Advanced Ambarella S2LM chipset
  • Enabling super low bit rate H.264 video compression
  • Featuring a powerful ARM Cortex A9 CPU
  • 1080p HD live video quality
  • First-class night vision
  • Build with best in class Panasonic 1/2.8 inches CMOS sensor
  • Two-way audio 
  • Enhanced motion detection & alert 
  • Best security & no subscription fees
  • Supports 8GB ~64GB SD micro SD cards with FAT32 format
  • Multifuctions: motion detection,gesture recognition,human detection night vision etc
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Yi Cloud service (Supportable with Resonable fee)
  • Yi Home PC App

What in Box?

  • 1 x Yi 1080P Yi Home camera 2,   
  • 1 x English Menu
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Euro Adapter

YI 1080p Home Camera 2

Arrival of Computer Vision Technology from Seeing to Thinking


1080p Full HD brings superb clarity and color vibrancy

A high-definition image quality is crucial to monitoring your home when you're away. YI 1080p Home Camera 2 is powered by new generation Ambarella S2LM chipset, low-power 28nm CMOS sensor, integrated ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, and H.264 HP 5.1 encoding technology. F2.0 large aperture with 6 layers of Optical Lens provides true clear and bright pictures during both day and night time. YI 1080p Home Camera 2 essentially improves the image quality by 2x compared to the previous version.


130° ultra wide-angle extends the view to 

every corner of the whole room

Typically, home camera is placed in a corner of the room where it could optimize the viewing angle. When the camera's field of view is small, part of the room would be left uncovered. YI 1080p Home Camera 2 sports a 130° Ultra wide-angle to maximize the field of view. Proprietary Smart HDR technology dynamically calibrates and balances the exposure to achieve brighter and clearer images, full of details and vivid color. We practically removed all the restrictions on where user can place the camera.


Ambarella S2LM - World Class Master Processor

YI 1080p Home Camera 2 uses the latest generation of S2LM chipset from Ambarella, which an US based leading HD chip maker in the global electronics industry. In order to efficiently transmit 1080p HD video over the Internet, YI 1080p Home Camera 2 is able to leverage Ambarella's SmartAVC, a low bit rate video streaming technology, to achieve a saving of 40% in video size while preserving superb image quality and flow. Combining with the industry-grade MN3422X Series Image Sensor, YI 1080p Home Camera 2 provides superb video quality with high sensitivity, low noise and low power consumption.


Stay connected with whatever from wherever you are


Gesture Recognition

YI 1080p Home Camera 2 can recognize a special hand gesture and will then activate the camera. Special moments can be stored securely with high quality details and accessed just a finger tip away. You can show a hand gesture in front of the camera within 2 meters, a video of 10 seconds will be recorded and sent to your mobile phone through our YI Home app. Use simple hand gestures to interact with the camera-easy, fun and convenient.


Human Detection

Using characteristics of human figure imaging, together with graphic image processing, YI 1080p Home Camera 2 can detect and locate humanoid targets in moving images based on human figure models from huge collections of sample data , and extract humanoid features , train and retrain the model using SVM . Humanoid features are extracted and matched dynamically in real time to the offline models.

Baby Crying Detection

Innovative audio identification of baby crying sound . Through the audio identification technology, the camera can identify the mood of the voice and send alert to you when your baby is crying. To distinguish itself from other alerts , the words "Baby Cry" will be displayed as the alert message.


Elegant Design, Sophistication in its Simplicity

.The design of YI 1080p Home Camera 2 is an extension of YI's first generation products and the result of professional design by our team members from Germany, Mainland China and Taiwan. Its smooth shape resembles a new-hatched egg; the wave-shaped base is a natural extension of the curves as a result of the designers repeated scrutiny. Static and action in one, sophistication in its simplicity.



The simple YI Home app makes it all possible

Open the YI Home app and quickly connect with the people and place that are

important to you. 

Set-up is a snap:



Introducing the all new International Version of Yi Action Camera in Malaysia brought in by Malaysia’s 1st Yi Official Distributor .

  • Built-in WiFi
  • Ambarella A7LS Image Processor
  • 16.0MP Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS image sensor,F2.8 aperture and with 155°wide angle
  • ST triaxial high-performance gravity sensor
  • Waterproof 40M water resistant(need waterproof case)
  • Net weight: 72 g / 2.54 oz / Size: 61 x 22 x 42 mm / 2.4 x 0.87 x 1.65 inch
  • Video FPS 1080P(60fps/48fps/30fps/24fps),960P(60fps/48fps), 720P(120fps/60fps/48fps), 480P(240fps)
  • Recording system dual track,96KHz sampling, 92dBA SNR
  • Shooting performance 16 million pixels(single shot), 4608*3456(max resolution)
  • time-lapse(0.5s/1s/2s/5s/10s/30s/60s)
  • Self Timer(3s-15s), motion trail shooting(7/s)
  • Battery 1010mAh Panasonic high density Li-ion battery, TI charger and Gas Guage chips, full battery(blue), middle battery(purple), low battery(red)
  • Storage: max 64GB micro sd, class 10 is recommended
  • Wireless broadcom wireless module, WIFI and with bluetooth 4.0 function

What in Box?

  • 1 x Yi Sports Action Camera
  • 1 x Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 x MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Water Proof casing

Yi Action Camera




Waterproof Casing


The waterproof case is compatible with the YI Selfie Stick, Floating Hand Grip, Head Mount, Chest Mount, Wrist Mount, Hand Mount and Handlebar Bike Mount.Many YI Accessories need to be used with the YI waterproof case in order to mount the camera.



Perfect for sports and adventures

-YI Waterproof Case uses industrial plastic material imported from Germany, which creates a lightweight and durable design.

-Submersible up to 131 feet underwater

-Take your YI Action Camera on any adventure with the Waterproof Case.

-Combine it with any of YI accessories to customize it for different activities.

-Pair it with the Floating Grip Handle and take it underwater without losing it.

-Mount it to the Hand Mount and take it snowboarding.



Shockproof, dust-proof, rust-proof, and adventure-proof

-YI Waterproof Case prevents dust and protects the lens against pollution and finger prints.

-Its rustproof coating is resistant to damages caused by seawater or maresia.



Double coated with anti-fog coating

-For extra protection, the anti-fog coating ensures that your video and photos come out crisp and clear.

-The coating keeps the case translucent and prevents misting in high-humidity and low temperatures.

-Made with durable high-performance materials.



Corning Gorilla Glass Lens

The extra tough Corning Gorilla glass lens protects the camera lens and delivers crystal clear /Public/index/images both above and below the water.



Stainless steel

-The waterproof case features stainless steel screws and buttons so that it stays rust-proof.

-The case also features an anti-hydraulic pressure feature so that the buttons will not be affected or pressed by hydraulic pressure underwater.



PC thermoplastic

-The strong PC thermoplastic material can withstand chilling temperatures (up to -22°F) and is resistant to damage caused by high water pressure.

-Mount it to the YI Floating Grip, Wrist Mount, and more.

Waterproof case (1)Waterproof case (2)Waterproof case (3)Waterproof case (4)Waterproof case (5)Waterproof case (6)Waterproof case (7)




  • Free YI Selfie Stick + Bluetooth Remote
  • 4K UHD and 2.5K Video at 30 fps
  • 1080p up to 120 fps / 720p up to 240 fps
  • 12MP Photos with 30 fps Bust Mode
  • Ultra-Wide-Angle Glass Lens
  • In-Camera Lens Distortion Correction
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Video and Photo Time-Lapse
  • 2.19" LCD Touchcreen with Gorilla Glass
  • 1200mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

What in Box?

  • 1xYI 4K Action Camera 
  • 1xrechargeable 1200mAh battery 
  • 1xUSB cable 


YI Selfie Stick + Bluetooth Remote

Rotates 360° horizontally and 180° vertically

YI Selfie-stick features a simple twist-and-lock function and rotates 360° horizontally and 180° vertically to achieve your best selfie angle!
Not only is YI Selfie-stick perfect for your YI Action Camera.
The simple twist-and-lock function is quick to use.
Twist clockwise to release and counter-clockwise to lock it in place.

Adjustable lightweight aluminum alloy

As light as a smart phone, the YI Selfie-stick weighs less than half a pound and is compact enough to carry in your purse or bag.
It also adjusts to three different sizes to capture your specific needs.

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Frame your shots perfectly by previewing live footage on your phone with the built-in Wi-Fi.
See exactly what your camera sees and take photos and videos from up to 300 feet away on your phone.
Control the camera and adjust the settings remotely on the app.





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